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Merinda & Alan

Some people wait a long time to find their soulmate, and some are lucky enough to find each other in their youth. Their story began as a childhood friendship, fast forward to November 2018 on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, Merinda and Alan fulfilled their dream of saying "I Do". For these two young love-birds, their love for one another echo's like that of soulmates who have known each other for a lifetime. I had all the feels at this wedding, I had so much fun with them, their family and friends.

We got to steal away for a little, down to Papamoa Beach to get some sweet photos of just the two of them. It was nice to just take a few minutes to process the moment of the ceremony and attention from their guests. It's something I always try to remind couples to do, to have a little time to themselves on their wedding day, as they give so much of themselves over to hairdressers, make-up artists, the photographer, celebrant, family, friends and the day in general that its easy to forget that the wedding day is, for them.

Such an amazing day for an amazing young couple, who have a lifetime of adventures ahead of them. So, thanks Merinda and Alan, and also your lovely family and friends for allowing me to help make your special day all yours.

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