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Catherine & Geoffrey

Well, I was chuffed to bits when Catherine and Geoffrey asked me to shoot their cosy, love filled wedding at the Te Puna Quarry Park. Mainly because they are truly two awesome people who are so much fun to be around. So chilled, relaxed and warm, Catherine & Geoffrey you made me feel like I'd known you for years! But also their wedding was the first I’ve shot since relocating from Queenstown.

So, usually when I shoot a wedding or portraits I get nervouscited (Definition: When you are nervous about something, but at the same time excited about it. “I am looking forward to my wedding and also nervous about it, I am nervouscited”). For me personally It’s a carefully blended combination of being thrilled to be part of a very special occasion, a chance to use my artistic skills and the pressure (and privilege) to capture and deliver those precious split-second life moments.

We were blessed with a warm, beautiful Autumnal day in March and Catherine looked like a timeless beauty in her gorgeous lace gown - truly stunning! Geoffrey’s best accessory is his amazingly warm smile, that one expression from him says more than words ever could!

Catherine & Geoffrey, thank-you for allowing me to be part of this amazingly special day in your lives’ and for all the fun that came with it. Here is a little bit of the fun we had....

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